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Chinese Visa


 Tourist visas for China (L visa)
Issued to those who are going to travel to China for tourist visits.

Visit visas for China (F visa)
Issued to an applicant who is invited to China for an exchange, visit, study tour, and other activities but non-commercial purpose.

Student visas for China (X visa)
There are two types of student visas for China. The X1 visa is for applicants who intend to study in China for more than 180 days, while X2 visas are for those intending to study for less than 180 days.

Business visas for China (M visa)
The M visa is issued to applicants going to China for commercial and trade activities. In addition to the standard documentation, applicants will also need a letter of invitation from their host company in China or documents such as an official trade fair invitation.
M visas are generally limited to stays of up to 30 days. Applicants that have obtained an M visa more than twice in two years and have a certificate of investment in China or a business licence, are allowed to apply for a multiple-entry M visa that is valid for six or 12 months. Expats in this category will need to submit photocopies of their previous visas.

  • S (visa for private visits): 
Issued to family members of foreigners residing in China for work, study, etc.
  • Q (family reunion visa): 
Issued to relatives of Chinese citizens or foreigners with permanent residence permits residing in China.

Work visas for China (Z visa)
The Z visa is issued to expats taking up employment in China.
The new policy will divide the foreigner who works in China into 3 categories. Class A (Talent - encourage), Class B (Specialty - control), Class C (Normal - restrict). You have to reach at least Class C, and then we can apply your work permit and working residence permit (which is the necessary documents to work legally in China).

Expats should note the difference between a work visa and a work permit for China. Although they are closely related, the former allows the applicant to enter the country for work, while the latter enables them to stay and work in the country.
After entering the country with their Z visa, expats should apply for work and residence permits for China as soon after they arrive as possible. 

Work permits for China

A Z visa is required prior to arrival
The work permit application has to be sponsored by a locally registered company in China
Expats will need to live and work in the same location as their sponsoring company
A medical examination is required


Residence permits for China
Within 24 hours of arriving in China, expats have to complete a Temporary Residence Registration Form and produce their passport at Public Security Bureau (PSB). Expats staying in a hotel may be able to register there, but those staying with a Chinese resident, even if they are foreign nationals, will have to register at the local PSB. Some cities require expats to do this after every trip they make out of the country.
In addition to applying for a work permit and registering their temporary residence, expats need to apply for a Working Foreigner’s Residence Permit at their local PSB within 30 days of arriving in the country.
The following may be required when applying for a residence permit for China:

  • Passport, photos and other supporting personal documentation
  • A health certificate with valid period
  • Working permit
  • Temporary Resident Registration voucher

For the Z working residence permit/visa, we have following services in detail:
- New application of the Work Permit and Residence Permit
- Extension of the Work permit and Residence Permit with same employer
- Change your Work Permit and Residence Permit from employer A to employer B
- Taiwan citizen apply the 1-5 years Working Permit
- HongKong / Macau citizen apply the 1-5 years Working Permit
- Employee stops working, Working permit cancel or modification
- Employee stops working, cancel the working residence permit, change to 1 month 0 entry nonrenewable Stay Permit (Humanity)
- Got new passport, transfer your old working visa to new passport 


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