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Now, people's requirements for the office are not only the size of the office area, but also the environment and development opportunities around the office area. For example, the surrounding business circle, complete office facilities and development potential have become the major factors. Our company are going to introduce the following offices.

This office is suitable for those who want private office. Except the bright decoration style, the office building also provides public meeting rooms and attentive front desk services. This office is close to Century Oriental Plaza which close the distance between work and life.          


This one locates in Zhenhai district. It is a great choice for those who just start business. The public office space creates a harmonious and collective atmosphere. In addition, government offers preferential policy for highly educated talents. They can enjoy favorable prices.


The third office is located in Jiangbei district and is close to Laowaitan. Based on modern office facilities, the office building also provides café and gym which meet more life needs. What’s more, you have chances to enjoy favorable price while you have great business project. (The lowest price is around 300rmb/month). 



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