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Products Hunting
Croatia, known as the "land of thousand islands", has a long history of winemaking and enjoys a highly developed viticultural tradition. Amethyste made from blackberry has rich taste and is well balanced between sweetness and acidity. “Our enthusiasm for blackberry originated a long time ago, because we have tasted blackberry since we were young, enjoying the bushes in the thorns and the deliciousness of blackberry. We hope more people can feel the subtle temptation of blackberry and experience rich and authentic European traditions”, says the winemaker. As a treasure of nature, blackberry contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, besides it is rich in nutritional value.

Why is sunflower oil in Ukraine famous in the world? Ukraine is at a high latitude and has the widest black land area in the world. The fertile original ecological black land and abundant sunshine provide unique natural conditions for growing sunflowers in Ukraine. Therefore, the quality of sunflower seed in Ukraine is second to none in the world. Naturally Ukrainian sunflower oil is also quite famous in the world. High-quality sunflower oil is naturally refreshing, clear and transparent. It does not contain cholesterol or aflatoxin, and its linoleic content is higher than other edible oils. The pure quality Ukrainian sunflower oil is suitable for people of all ages.

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